Thursday, February 13, 2014

Time to Protect Your Texas Home

Did you buy a home in Texas in 2013?  It's time to file your Homestead Exemption with the county in which you reside.  Filing homestead protection is free, although you will probably receive several solicitations from people & companies offering to file it for a fee. Don't pay them.  All you have to do is go to the county website, enter your address and the form should be available there.

Part of filing homestead is that you lower your taxes, usually between 15% to 25%.  If you have other exemptions you can file those at the same time.  Often there are exemptions for Disabled Veterans, Disabled Citizens and people Over 65.

Also, pull out the HUD1 Closing statement for your transaction and take it to your accountant.  It's proof of your tax payments for the home which might be helpful.
Denton County, TX
Dallas County, TX
Collin County, TX
Tarrant County, TX

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