Monday, February 10, 2014

Gladys Kravitz thinks she owns your community!

In one Frisco neighborhood there's an agent who feels she owns the place. She lives in the community and makes it a point to tell neighbors how much homes sold for, how many showing they've gotten and how successful she's being in real estate.

I get it. She's trying to drum up her market by talking up her services. But she's not allowed to distributed SOLD prices (Texas Law) and frankly, I'm not sure everyone should know my client's business when they're selling or buying a home. Confidentiality applies even after the representation agreement end.

I enjoy working that neighborhood, even though I know she'll casually stop in on my clients and tell them how great she is. She's always walking the dog or jogging by or checking her mailbox at the right time to meet the neighbors, gather the gossip and then spread it to the next block and put it in her newsletter.

I'm not sure what it will take to get her to stop sharing confidential information. Some people are just wired to share too much.

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