Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Electrical Usage - Year End Results

As some of you may know I help clients retrofit existing homes to be green.  I teach a course on Green Practices and in 2010 I was an NAR EverGreen Award winner
I wanted to update my annual energy usage chart.  My log-term goal is to have solar or wind energy generation on my property.  But to make it cost effective, I need to reduce my usage.  So I track my electrical usage every month and put together my annual figures.

Over the years we have reduced our electrical usage by 41%.  To do this we installed
* 16 Seer HVAC units,
* R50 Insulation with radiant barrier
* Triple-pane windows
* Solar water heating
* Solar clothes drying
* Two-speed pool pump
* LED lighting throughout.
There have been set backs but much progress.  Right now, however, it seems right now I may have reached a plateau.  During the last 12 months I did have a roommate who used the dryer extensively which ran up the usage.  We also had an excessively hot summer.  So my goal is to take conservation to the next level.  I'm not quiet sure what that will be but as soon as I figure it out I'll let you know.
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