Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Checklist for Preparing the Home for Inspection

Here is a simple list for Sellers whose homes are on the market.  Get ready for the inspection early.  If you want, you can have pre-listing inspection done so that you know what to expect.  Talk to you real estate professional to see what they suggest.  Check us out at for more tips and information.
• Be prepared with any documentation or repair records for additions and improvements.
• All exterior doors should be accessible.
• All door locks should be operable.
• Remove debris from gutters & downspouts.
• Trim shrubs away from the foundation
• Clean your windows!  Any window that is dirty can be considered "Fogged" and could be called out as a problem.

• All interior areas should be accessible
• Crawl space & attic access should be clear
• Remove as many belongings from rooms & closets as possible.
• Have fixtures in working order and all repairs made.
• Utilities need to be on.  Agents and inspectors will not turn them on for you.

• The electrical panel needs to be accessible to the inspector.
• Be sure all light bulbs are working so that switches can be accurately tested.
• Be sure everything is up to code. If you have any questions, have a qualified professional check it out.   
• To prevent any water damage, fix or let the inspector know about any leaks prior to inspection.
• Fix those leaks asap!
Heating & Air Conditioning
• Install a clean air filter & vacuum all vents and returns.
• Consider having the unit cleaned and serviced, especially if it has been awhile since the unit was last serviced.
• Maintain all repair invoices
Fireplace & Chimney
• Consider having the fireplace and chimney cleaned by a chimney-sweep before the inspection, especially if it has been awhile since it was last cleaned.
• If your house has gas logs, you will need a damper block installed which is low cost item.
• It is best to remove pets from the home during inspection both for the sake of the inspector and the protection of the pet. Doors and gates can often be left open which could lead to a lost pet, especially with strangers in the home. Garages & backyards are not good alternatives.

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