Thursday, March 5, 2015

Realty Ideas Per Day

Realty Ideas Per Day
Dear Real Estate Professionals,

Today's marketing idea: Pets are part of our lives.  Focusing on pets gets your readers and social media points.  Here are a few ideas:

Go to the local PetSmart and pick out 5 cat toys and send them to friends and clients who have cats. Ask them to post pics of their cat playing with those toys. 

Post local dog parks and maybe have pictures of each.

Fish - List where you can find Koi in your area and how to keep them healthy and well. 

BONUS: I previously posted about a pet photo contest.  Run a new one for pets in snow!  Cutest pet in snow wins it's owner a Starbucks card.

A new idea tomorrow!

Bob McCranie
Texas Pride Realty

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