Monday, April 7, 2014

Code of Ethics Under Attack by RPAC Endorsed Candidates (Updated)

Discrimination is a REALTOR issue.  Article 10 of the Code of Ethics requires Realtors to serve everyone equally.  Our endorsed candidates should uphold these ethics, but currently no one is watching as RPAC and TREPAC endorsed candidates who pass laws that allow open discrimination.  The new "Religious Freedom" Bills open the door for agents and other professionals discriminate against anyone with whom they have a "deeply held religious belief", even in violation of Fair Housing and the Realtor Code of Ethics.  And brokers would be powerless to discipline or fire the agent.


Mississippi is the latest state to pass a version of the "Religious Freedom" bills and send it to their Governor. Their Governor, Phil Bryant, is an RPAC endorsed candidate who now openly supports discrimination.  RPAC endorsed pastor and Mississippi state representative, Andy Gipson, who advocates stoning LGBT people to death per the Bible, is one of the cosponsors of the bill.
(Rep Andy Gipson)

These bills can be found in several states and are working their way across America.  The supporters dub these bills as protecting Religious Freedom, but the end result is that employers and employees serving the public can refuse service to whole classes of people simply if they claim a "Deeply Held Religious Belief" against that group of people.

Currently these laws are aimed at gay and lesbian people.  But the same law could be applied to white people, African-Americans, Asians, Jewish people, Women...just about anyone you didn't like today.

Article 10 of the Realtor Code of Ethics clearly states that REALTORS can not discriminate in their real estate practice nor in their hiring.   However these laws are being passed and supported by REALTOR PAC endorsed Candidates.

Discrimination is a REALTOR issue.  Equal access to housing and home services are REALTOR issues.  Segregation is a REALTOR issue.  We must us our influence and political muscle to fight discrimination.  We must not allow the false cloak of "religious freedom" to allow our Code of Ethics to be compromised and we certainly should not be backing candidates who support and pass such bills.

(Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant endorsed by REALTOR PAC)
Andy Gipson, State Rep, who advocates stoning LGBT people death as per the Bible, endorsed by Realtor PAC
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