Friday, March 26, 2010

Let there be light! Solatube Installation at Texas Pride Realty

In late August 2009 I started my own brokerage. I planted a flag in the ground and said from this day forth I will work for myself. I rented a humble office in an part of Carrollton that is on the verge or revitalization and all was good. Yet my humble little office lacked on vital necessity. Light!

Being a GREEN person I knew the solution and actually had the forethought to wright the solution into my lease. I recently installed at 10 inch SOLATUBE and the light is AMAZING!

The folks who installed the solatube were from Daylight Rangers (plug) and they did a great job. Be sure to get the $60 instant rebate when you sign up. There is a 14 inch model for about $100 more which would be great for larger spaces. The installed price is around $550. It's so worth it.




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