Friday, March 26, 2010

Carrollton Citizen's Evening

Tonight was the 3rd Annual Carrollton Citizen's Evening where various city departments distribute information about their services and answer questions. We heard about crime stats, new city codes and code enforcement, and got to meet with our council members and the mayor.

As is my custom these days, I documented it all with pictures.

Carrollton Citizen's Evening

Carrollton Texas

Let there be light! Solatube Installation at Texas Pride Realty

In late August 2009 I started my own brokerage. I planted a flag in the ground and said from this day forth I will work for myself. I rented a humble office in an part of Carrollton that is on the verge or revitalization and all was good. Yet my humble little office lacked on vital necessity. Light!

Being a GREEN person I knew the solution and actually had the forethought to wright the solution into my lease. I recently installed at 10 inch SOLATUBE and the light is AMAZING!

The folks who installed the solatube were from Daylight Rangers (plug) and they did a great job. Be sure to get the $60 instant rebate when you sign up. There is a 14 inch model for about $100 more which would be great for larger spaces. The installed price is around $550. It's so worth it.




Property Standards Board for the City of Carrollton

For the past 3 years I have had the pleasure of working on the Property Standards Board for the City of Carrollton. Where a board like Planning & Zoning deals with what to build in what location, Property Standards deals with dilapidated and unsafe buildings. Before the city staff can take action against a property they need to get the citizen's permission. Our board represents the citizens. We decide if the facts of the property merit the city going onto the property, making the repairs or demolishing the structure.

I think this board is almost more important than Planning & Zoning. We keep the city from declining too far. We look at troubled homes and properties. Today's case had a house that was completely destroyed inside, the flooring was ripped out, the house was filled with animal feces. The second story wooden deck had collapsed and fallen over. We also look at old vacant commercial spaces. Old grocery stores, filling stations, big-box stores, etc. The

I'm really proud of the work we do on this board. This is one of the most active panels in the City. As we move forward with new development for DART rail and new housing developments we need the city to be the best it can. Cleaning up, fixing and recycling properties is vital to our redevelopment.